Urgent Energy and Engineering Solutions


Message from the managing director

Greetings from Urgent Energy & Engineering Solutions By the Grace of Almighty, we are certainly privileged to have received the strongest of platforms as gifts from our founding Managing Director. They have presented us with a healthy financial base, strong asset backing, a company without debt and liabilities, a timely and forward-thinking succession planning and lastly, an undeniable reputation in the market.
Urgent Energy & Engineering Solutions it creates a value in Bangladesh power and energy sector within a short time. Our UEES team is very young, energetic and technically very sound. I hope UEES will go ahead day by day. UEES’S core focus on consultancy, supply, EPC also. We have completed various projects to various utility successfully. Many projects are ongoing in various utility. We have been concentrating on implementing succession planning and restructuring the business units for the last 3-4 years. Alongside asset and capital, developments of human resource are crucial to achieve the vision that we have set for the company. In
fact, we believe that our effective human resource is the next big ingredient to drive us to tomorrow. We have leveraged our comprehensive capabilities to meet the customer’s demand to ensure the Clients’ successful completion of their projects. We often follow “whatever it takes attitude” to take on the challenge of different assignments, raising our performance bar to be counted as one of the most trusted service companies in the emerging market. If anybody works with us, I hope they feel very committed and profession service flavor in comparison to other company in Bangladesh.

Message from the director

Thank you to our valued customers, trusted dealers and world-class
suppliers. In addition, I would like to emphasize the active contribution of our employees to the creation of our organization. The only thing I want to suggest is that our leadership is the result of our people. They clearly made Urgent Energy & Engineering Solutions one of the standout organizations. Currently We are living in a market which is develop- ing day by day. We know that our highly trained engineers apply their expertise to reliably and efficiently deliver high-quality service. In the current process of widespread globalization, Urgent Energy & Engineering Solutions, understands that meeting the requirements of its customers is essential to the
success of the organization. It can be said that the past years have been a meaningful time, and you can see that we are work- ing intensively to focus on customer satisfaction.
Under these circumstances, we firmly believe that “trust” is the key factor in convincing customers to choose high-quality products. We fully agree that “trust” can create
a “win-win situation” for lasting and deeper relationships. We are diversifying the products distributed with the latest technology and excel- lent service. It can be easily
found in every corner of industrial activity and social life. In the future, we will make
continuous efforts to serve our valued customers.
Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have spared no
effort and tireless effort to get to where we are today, and it will grow even more in
the future.