Urgent Energy and Engineering Solutions

About Us

About Company

Urgent Energy & Solutions (UEES) is an independent Trading, engineering & consulting company operating across Bangladesh since 2018 with headquarters in Dhaka. We believe communication preferences should be made by the customer, not by the mer- chant. For this reason, we’re accessible by any of your preferred methods; phone, email, text, instant messenger, and even in-person meets.
Our publicly listed number is an office line that may go to voicemail or
answering service after hours, but when you’re a client of ours.

Our Mission

We will:
1. Be responsive to the changing demands of our customers and excel
    In providing quality products and services.
2. Be committed to innovation and the adoption of new technology to
    Achieve competitive advantage.
3. Pursue personnel policies that recognize and reward
    Performance and contributions of employees and providing proper
    Training, development, and opportunities for career advancement.
4. Be a responsible corporate citizen, committed to enhancing
    Corporate governance and transparency, including undertaking
    Social responsibility for the enhancement of the standard of living of


Where others focus on one star – one difficulty — we view the entire sky, according to a client. Emerging patterns — the constellation of interests — are discovered. We create a plan based on this vision that makes sense of complexity and illuminates a fresh path for pursuing your objective.

Urgent Energy and Engineering Solutions